Sunday, July 21, 2013


Damn it Fairy Tail!!!!! Get out of my mind! I need to finish the first saga of Choices first. Gha, fine whatever. That's right, I'v currently got a Fairy Tail story I'm working on. Unfortunately none of you dear readers will get to read it until I'm almost finished with it because I refuse to start another story only to pause partway through. I'm hoping releasing some of this pent up ideas/characters in my head will allow me to write Choices on the side. At least that's the plan. I've also got a plot bunny for a DBZ/Fairy Tail/More FF. Not going to go near that though. lol Anyways, hope everyone's summer is going good. Here's to hoping!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DBZ vs Fairy Tail vs Bleach

So had this amazzzing thought *sarcastic* waking me up just now after getting only three hours or so sleep... Who would win in a fight, DBZ vs Fairy Tail vs Bleach? My first thought was DBZ. I mean common Vegeta and Goku are on completely different levels than the other two, but then I really woke up and thought about it. The biggest quest here is how does magic match up with ki power or soul energy? They are different and have different properties.

The closest two are ki and soul energy so I'll start there. Taking Ichigo vs either Vegeta or Goku or even them combined, I feel he is probably the only one who can keep up with their speed. Or has the potential too (along with Yurichi and those guys who can to flash step, oh and those vizard guys). Reason behind is because tech they all use the same physics behind their speed. Their soul/ki power is giving them insane speed boosts. Unfortunately for Bleach we don't know really how their attacks would stand against them. I mean it's not like even the bad guys go out of their way to aim a massive attack at the planet and blow it up. And while Ichigo is an amazing fighter, Vegeta and Goku both have a lifetime experience of fighting. On the same hand Ichigo has reach with a sword and adapts well in fights... or has instinct. Personally I think the final battle would come down to hollified/mindless Ichigo against Goku or merged Goku/Vegeta. The speed is there. So is toughness of skin. Powerwise, again that's difficult given we don't know if cero would destroy the planet if turned on Earth, but personally I think something that looks that missive exploding in the distance (just like a DBZ character's would) that it stands a chance. In the end it would boil down to Ichigo's hollow regeneration. It's like Piccolo's but on steroids given he can take an attack to the chest and survive.

Now lets take DBZ and Fairy Tail... Again, it's hard to judge just how powerful magic attacks are compared to ki energy, not to mention the physics behind magic attacks differ so greatly even among themselves. Even the supposed bad guy Zeref wouldn't turn his focus on the planet itself, he just wants to wipe out all humans - not life itself. As far as speed goes, I don't think many could match DBZ. Erza, Luxus, Kougra, and Natsu fired up might have a chance, but really that's stretching it. None but a handful have been at DBZ speeds in the anime. Then again that doesn't mean they weren't at such speed, only that they weren't shown in that style. I mean think about it, Luxus can travel as lightening, flashing here and there, and with Gajeel's help Natsu helped beat him so I really don't know. Basically this boils down to whether or not Natsu can eat ki. Common, anyone who knows FT knows Natsu will try and since ki is a form of lazer/ excited particles. Can you imagine the power boost? And if he eats every attack he'll be even more crazy powerful forcing Goku/Vegeta to rely on hand-to-hand instead of ki. This then means Natsu will have the advantage still being able to use his magic. What about Saiyan's tough skin. Well, its only slightly more tough than humans supposedly. What they are really doing is using their ki as a blanket of sorts which helps buffer blows. Natsu has magic that can hurt a dragon where as normal magic can't. I'm thinking here his magic will be able to counter the ki buffer of theirs, giving them a nasty surprise. The main thing going against Natsu is experience. He fights well and has actually improved/gotten smarter as of late, but against Goku/Vegeta he is severely lacking, especially against Vegeta's brain. Then I also have to add that I don't think Vegeta/Goku could survive Zeref's death thing that he does with all living things. Only reason Natsu did was because of his scarf having magic ability to protect him. Ki is not magic, its life force. No way they could defend against a orb of death. There's also the dragons to consider. Just recently we saw their destructive power. Only magic infused attacks can kill them due to their hide having magic qualities. Again, ki is not magic. Only thing Goku/Veget would do is slow them down or destroy the planet accidentally trying to kill one. I guess they could always pull an Iron Man (during Avengers movie) and go inside a dragon and kill it....

I think you can take what I said above and apply to FT vs Bleach and get an idea for yourself. So what is the conclusion. Who would win? All in all I think it's pointless. Since I grew up idolizing DBZ a part of me will always say they will win, but the fact is we simply don't know how magic/ki/soul energy would match up against each other. We don't really know how fast everyone fights other than really fast. And the physics/ thoughts on how powers work are completely different. Not to mention both Bleach and FT have gained a place in my heart as well. So I think instead I will base this off of characters and their development. DBZ was okay, but really the only cool one was Vegeta with how he changed from villain to good guy. All other characters besides maybe Bulma, don't really develop/change all that much and I feel can be rather 1 or 2 dimensional. FT and Bleach on the other hand have some really good characters who are well thought out and change with time/experience. Even Natsu who has the same fighting mentality as Saiyans is showing progression. Bleach has some really interesting/cool characters as well and more than that everyone is effect with time/events, the biggest being Soul Society as a whole who was changed by Ichigo's unwavering passion. Other than that Ichigo also has lots of character development as well.

So if I had to rate these anime on characters/stories I'd have:
1: Fairy Tail (Tentative)- Why? Almost all characters are well defined and three dimensional. Also because this anime I feel still has years upon years to go while DBZ is over and Bleach is coming to a close. With the resent death of a character and how pathetic dragon slayers were against dragons I feel like there is a huge potential here for Hiro Mashima (author) to blow our minds. I also think the reason FT inches ahead is that while Natsu does fight most of the main battles it doesn't always come down to just him. FT works as a group, merging together as friends to overcome individual weakness. I also like the fact that with the last arc they tech lost. Neither Bleach nor DBZ had an arc ending where they tech lost, both always overcome evil and win, which let's face it, can get old after a while. That and the added chapters that exactly fit into the story are amazing. I mean I don't even care that they come right in the middle of battles or cliff hangers most times that's how interesting these characters are - that of which can't be said for Bleach...
2: Bleach- Again, almost all characters are well defined and three dimension. I feel FT and Bleach are very close to a tie. But right now we are on the last arc and I feel like the author is for some reason losing steam (which saddens me) where as FT has a great potential to be even better.
3: DBZ- Only characters that are three dimensional are a minor sideline character (Bulma) and an ex-villain (Vegeta). That's not good! On top of that each arc is the same. Good guys meet new bad guy. Good guys get their asses handed to them. Good guys train or realize themselves. Good guys win. There's a reason the author ended the series, the same plot over and over was getting mundane and in the end would have only hurt the story. The way he had the characters set up (aka not fully three dimensional), it wasn't like he could really make them do anything else. Not to mention Goku always, always ended up beating the bad guy by himself. I think only the last arc with Buu was slightly different with him using power gathered from humans, but even then it was him who threw it and ultimately saved the day.

And... I'm done ranting/spilling my thoughts. I doubt very many people will read this but I had to get it out of my head or else it was going to drive me insane thinking about it over and over again. If people do read this I'd love to hear your own thoughts. Maybe you can find something I missed?


Sunday, July 7, 2013


So I started writing again after my three month hiatus. Feels wonderful. It was a Fairy Tail one-shot that maybe after I finish some of my other fanfictions can become a longer one? So go check it out if you need something to read. ;D Other than that, just trying to find a job and get my lazy ass off the couch. Don't worry DBZ readers, I haven't forgotten about Choices. Like I said before, I finally have an idea on how to start, transition to the middle, and even end the chapter. The issue is writing it. Currently I'm waiting for the Fairy Tail characters Lucy/Natsu to get out of my head so I can write in-character Bulma and Vegeta, but they are proving rather difficult to exterminate from my mind, and last thing I want to do is to have a Natsu like Vegeta and a Lucy like Bulma... though that latter one I might get away with, they aren't that much different...

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hi all!! No I have not died or disappeared off the face of the earth (though it certainly seems like that). You may ask... What have I been doing???? Well -and this part is the embarrassing part- absolutely nothing. Yes, yes... I know. I'm a horrible, no good, author who keeps promising to post chapters and yet doesn't. Unfortunately I haven't had much drive/focus to write anything. I want to, I really do. And it's not so much a writers block because I know what I want/need to write and can even think of good sentences in my head when I think of it. But then I just get distracted. With what? You may ask... Anime. I've basically been spending these past months reading manga and watching anime. I've seriously lost count how many I've devoured. Now I'm getting help for my lack of focus/attention issues. So hopefully I can post something... anything... soon.

Don't lose hope, please!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Well, clearly I didn't wait to start the Vash the Stampede story... The prologue and chapter one is up for those who care or need something to read for boredom's sake. As for other stories. I'm thinking of looking at Resistance today. Just watched Iron Man 3 (which was the inspiration for the story to begin with) and have an itching to get further into that world. I'm going to have to re-read it though.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Just posted the prologue to the Vash the stampede fanfiction I got running around in my mind, so go check it out. Nothing big. Only 1k words. Also, expect most if not all my fanfictions to get chapters/facelifts this month.

Ye have been warned!!!!